Braving the Weather

I just made it back from my morning walk. It’s a cloudy morning which often makes me ponder just when will the rain pour down.  I debated on whether to go to the gym and walk the treadmill instead. I prefer a walk in the park over the treadmill any day.  I have gotten caught in the rain on several occasions in the past.

I decided to go to the park to walk.  I felt a few rain drops falling. Definitely not enough for a wash out.  As I walked and I knew I was going to be able to get a complete walk in, I realized I could have let the dark clouds over head keep me from doing the one thing that I absolutely love.  In that very moment the clouds took on a whole new meaning.

The clouds are like the fears in our mind. The fear of what others think or say.  Success comes when we chose not to let the clouds in our minds keep us from do what we love to do. Go all in and enjoy the walk!

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Work At It Now!

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness. Zig Ziglar

I worked with  gentleman who once said, “I don’t want to create a presence online until I become more successful”. I questioned statement because as humans we love to watch things grow.  We plant our seeds and watch the harvest bloom. That’s what we do.  I used to buy into that theory until I learned the concept of reaping and sowing.

When you invest the time into whatever it is that you want to build, a business, a family, a spiritual relationship even an online presence, you have to plant the seed, water the seeds then watch your garden grow.  Nothing happens overnight. Put in the work now!

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Time Out

I have always enjoyed helping people build their business, especially using social media but at times we all face a period in time where we have to step back and re-evaluate our current situations. I had to do that a couple of times. The thing is not to consider it as failure but a re-alignment. I spent this weekend re-organizing my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I was sharing with a friend that I felt like I needed to do something but I just didn’t know what. Waiting for the guidance we need to move forward in life is a sign of strength.

I that whatever I am doing at any particular moment carries it’s own blessing. It’s like looking out a window on cloudy day and still knowing the sun still shines. Trust your intuition.

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A Reflection

mirrorMy grand baby will be turning two this year. The time has flown by and I have loved every moment I have had her in my care.  Despite the fact that I usually have her four days out of a week , I make it a point to continue learning and taking each moment I have to myself for self-care. I make time to read, take walks, exercise and connect with loved ones.

What I have come to realize is that time passes whether I am out working or at home taking care of my granddaughter.   Life is a reflection of our thinking, the decisions we make and the activity we choose to engage in. Take a moment to find out what’s important to you and schedule time for it.  We either will find the time or simply make excuses.

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58 Minutes


I love walks in the park but this past winter I told my husband, “I am getting soft”. I just couldn’t handle walking in the cold anymore so I started going to the gym to walk on the treadmill. The maximum workout setting is 58 minutes. I would go in each morning, grab my hand towels, hit manual workout and start walking. One morning I was just watching the countdown timer, noticing the seconds turn into minutes over and over again. Then it hit me! I was spending 58 minutes walking on a treadmill. Those 58 minutes I would never get back again. In that moment, I realized every second of every minute is a gift.

We all have this one precious life to live. Take a moment, stop, breathe and enjoy it.

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What’s the Deal?

Special Offer shutterstock_117843931I have been making monthly payments to a company for a couple of months.  A representative from the company called me about two months ago and asked if I would be interested in making a settlement payment that would “save me” money.  I asked the gentleman if he could call back the following month and maybe we could go from there.  The “discounted offer” was a welcomed surprise but I budgeted a set monthly payments until the debt was reconciled. The representative didn’t call back.

I receive a call this week from my representative buddy. This time I have plenty of time to consider and budget their “discounted offer” if it works well with my budget.  He begins stating that according to his records, he was calling in the appropriate time frame to see if I was going to make a payment settlement or was I going to make a payment.  I was waiting to hear his offer but he never  clearly stated one. I told him I planned on making my usual payment. I never sought an offer so I don’t know why they are calling me (unless he just wants to hear my pleasant voice, I never get rude.)

The representative reminds me of times when I used to sell crafts.  I never felt like I could never “close the deal”.  I wanted to ask the representative, WHAT DO YOU WANT? That’s when I realized, I could not “close deals” because I never had clarity.

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What Do You See?

Dandelion in the windMy yard does not have spectacular curbside appeal but my husband does maintain it. We do not spray chemicals to the kill dandelions. When my husband mentions spraying, I must admit I encourage him not to.  I guess you would say I am kind of environmentally conscious and I try to pay attention to my environmental footprint. As I stated, I really don’t like using chemical lawn treatments but I respect those who do.

I remember growing up and running in large fields with lots of dandelions. I would gather them up and give them to my mother. She would smile and say how much she like them. I would also make wishes as I blew the dandelion seeds.  When my granddaughter was over the other day, she picked the dandelions in my yard just as I did, oh how those precious memories came back.

Whether you spray or not is not the point.  It is recognizing the precious gifts that the universe offers up in each day, and there are many.  We can choose to look for the negative or the positive, it’s all up to you.

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