You Only Live Once

Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending. ~Author Unknown

I had a wonderful week. I was in Detroit last weekend for Oprah’s Life You Want to Live Tour. DSCF5097It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It was a five hour drive to Detroit. I left at 4 am to make it in line to register.

The doors opened at 9:45 am to register for the wristband and Oprah’s pop up tent town O-Town opened at 10 am.  I made it there by 9 am.  I had decided to make the trip by myself.  While I was standing in the registration line, I met 5 women. Four of the women were from the Detroit area. The one other woman drove up from Cincinnati herself as well.

After we got our wristbands, there was another line to jump in. This one took us into O-Town. My new found friend and I started to talk and walk around together. DSCF5259

In O-Town, one of the sponsor tents offered ticket holders a chance to upgrade their seats. I had purchased the lowest cost seats available so I know I wasn’t up close at all, and neither was my new friend. While we were in the line for the chance at upgraded seats, I noticed the sign that stated that each winner would receive two tickets.  The “two tickets” seemed to catch my attention and I said to my friend, “if I win, I will give you the extra ticket” and she relied “I was just thinking the same thing.”  We were about 5-6 people back from the front. When it was our turn to try, I lost but my new friend won. At  that moment, I knew this trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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