I Walked Away!

A gift resides in every moment. -Deepak Chopra

16016288_sOne year ago today, I was involved in a car accident.  It was a rainy Halloween night, so we didn’t have many “trick or treaters” come to the house.  I didn’t have to rush out to pick up my husband from work that night, and since it was raining I knew I had to take a little extra time to make it there.  Before I got on the highway, I was on my cell phone talking with a friend and I remember saying I needed to get off and concentrate on the road. She said be safe!

As I got close to my exit, I went to switch lanes. The back end of my car started to swerve and I could feel myself starting to lose control of the vehicle.  The car started to hydroplane and I knew I was not going to be able to just stop.  I saw the concrete barrier, “Brace for impact” was the only thought that came to mind as I saw the car heading towards the wall. BOOM…the car stopped, the air bag deployed and I saw nothing but smoke.

I was able to get out the car.  I remember a gentleman yelling at me from the underpass if I had a cell phone and then a woman came running over to my car and asked if I was hurt. I had to take a quick assessment and realized that my arm was hurt due to the air bag deploying. It took a minute for me to realize that I was standing out in the rain, but I was ok. I got back in the car, and called my husband. The ambulance showed up along with the police. By this time the woman had left. IMG_1596I was checked out by the EMT’s and then placed in the police car until the tow truck showed up. As I sat in the police car, a calming presence came over me and I knew everything was going to be alright.

From that day forward, I thank God the moment my eyes open up each morning because I know that each day is a gift. I am blessed to say, I walked away!

Quote Source: Destiny and Desire 21 Day Meditation Challenge https://chopracentermeditation.com/


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