Give and Take

giving-adviceLike many of us, at times I get depressed, frustrated or “down in the dumps.” To get though these moments we first have to become aware of these feelings in order to let them go and move forward. I try and recall some of the advice I have given to friends. In most cases, if the advice is good enough to give, it has to be good enough to take. There are always two people in the conversation, the one you are talking to and the one who is doing the talking. Next time you give out advice to someone, ask yourself if you would you take it too?

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About SwtNSocial

Loving life. Staying positive. Education, encouraging and empowering others. Using my creativity and enthusiasm to share ideas and thoughts to inspire others.
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2 Responses to Give and Take

  1. andrewbustamante says:

    I like the new head shot and the new ‘about’ write up. Well done!

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