Who Knew?

mustard.jpg.pagespeed.ce_.qzz6Z_RXcWA friend of mine prescribed a teaspoon of mustard to help me fight my cold. I took her advice and felt so much better. I wanted to know why she recommended mustard, so I Googled: mustard for colds. Check this out, “As a warming herb, mustard seed will encourage perspiration that can lower fevers and cleanse the body of toxins. This will help the body fight colds and flu.” My first instinct was to grab over-the-counter medicine but I wanted something natural. I love natural remedies but I do not have a passion for learning that subject, but I have friends who do. As in life, there are always different ways to accomplish something. Learn to let go of your notion of having to be right or wrong and stay open to new possibilities.

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Loving life. Staying positive. Education, encouraging and empowering others. Using my creativity and enthusiasm to share ideas and thoughts to inspire others.
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