The Art of Asking

bigstock-thoughtful-man-question-markHad a conversation t other day and the person I was speaking with was telling me that they had to look for a second job. Being the inquisitive person that I am, I asked why. They wanted extra money for and upcoming trip. I then asked, have you talked with anyone else that is traveling with you to coordinate who was taking care of what. They said no.
Why do we feel like we have to take on the whole world by ourselves. The wonderful thing about human nature is our desire to help. By asking for what your need you are more likely to get the kind of help that you want. No one is a mind reader and no one can help you if you don’t say something.
I learned the hard way, the answer is either yes or no. Like I have said before, a 50/50% chance better than a 100% chance of NO.
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Loving life. Staying positive. Education, encouraging and empowering others. Using my creativity and enthusiasm to share ideas and thoughts to inspire others.
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One Response to The Art of Asking

  1. andrewbustamante says:

    I loved this post! There is no more valuable, undervalued word I know of than ‘Why’. Great job bringing this to the forefront!

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