58 Minutes


I love walks in the park but this past winter I told my husband, “I am getting soft”. I just couldn’t handle walking in the cold anymore so I started going to the gym to walk on the treadmill. The maximum workout setting is 58 minutes. I would go in each morning, grab my hand towels, hit manual workout and start walking. One morning I was just watching the countdown timer, noticing the seconds turn into minutes over and over again. Then it hit me! I was spending 58 minutes walking on a treadmill. Those 58 minutes I would never get back again. In that moment, I realized every second of every minute is a gift.

We all have this one precious life to live. Take a moment, stop, breathe and enjoy it.

Photo Source: Click here.


About SwtNSocial

Loving life. Staying positive. Education, encouraging and empowering others. Using my creativity and enthusiasm to share ideas and thoughts to inspire others.
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