Building Muscles

strength-training-workoutsWhen doubt starts to set in, remember why you started in the first place. It’s inevitable to feel like you’re going nowhere, but when you take a moment to reflect back on how far you have come, you will see that you are making headway.

Resistance is always present when you’re moving forward. If your “why” is compelling enough you will be able to push through. Resistance helps to build your endurance muscles.

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Storm Prep

stormy-painted-sky-2011-08-01It was another cloudy day today, and I pondered going for my walk. I was afraid of getting caught in the rain. The forecast did not call rain until later on in the evening, but the gray clouds were not floating away. I decided to go for the walk. The wind was blowing and the trees were swaying as I headed towards the park. I got my entire walk in without feeling one drop of rain.

As I walked I realize that in life, we have to be willing to keep moving in spite of the dark clouds hovering over head. Grab an umbrella or a rain coat and keep walking. Not everyday will it be sunny and bright. Be prepare for the storms.

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Re-Calibrate Yourself

brass-weightsFor many years I worked in the contract compliance arena. We would conduct random inspections in order to ensure that the agency we worked for received quality product it paid for. Some tests would require use to use weights and measures. At times the testing equipment would have to be calibrated for accuracy. If the equipment was off it could result in contract disputes and lost wages.

Life can through us off balance at times and that is when it is important to have practices or habits in place to help you re-calibrate yourself. It’s not about what you do, it’s about making time to do what you need to do to get yourself back in balance. It could be walks in the park, listening to music or simple quiet moments just sitting outside. Self-care is not selfish, it’s self-love. You’re worth it!

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Yield SignI was applying for a car loan many years ago when a salesman said to me “you have a beacon score, I have a beacon score and they have a beacon score (pointing to my friend) and sometimes what we want we can’t have We have to learn to walk before we can run.” I was so pissed walking out of the dealership but I was also determined to get my credit score fixed so no one would ever talk to me like that again.
Sometimes the one thing that angers you the most is the one thing that turns out to be your greatest motivating factor. I never went back to buy a car from that salesman but his words have stuck with me.
Life is ever changing and as we hit yield signs along the way, I realize now that they are there to just slow you down. A yield sign is not a stop sign unless you allow it to be.
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Keep Playing

Kids-playing-video-game-97577269My son likes to play the first person games like Call of Duty and Gears of War. I used to play games like Centipede, Q*bert and Pac Man growing up (telling my age).
The key in playing and winning in any game is to gain the necessary skills in order to “rank up” to the next level. If you don’t learn the fundamentals of the game that you are playing, you are not going to last long in playing the game.
No one starts out as an expert but as you learn how to play and build up your garage, your weapons or your gear in the games we play, the better chance you have of winning.
Don’t let life beat you down, build up your skills and your arsenal and keep playing.
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The Missing Ingredient

28057_recipebook-closeupI was never much into cooking and I still not, but I am a little bit more willing to look for new recipe ideas to try. There are so many websites that offer you recipes and tips that there really is no need to have a cookbook any more. You can create your own.
I think the missing ingredient to creating a wonderful life, is the desire to learn. There are books, seminars, classes, websites, etc that are available for you to find in whatever subject you are looking for. Continue to feed your hunger for learning and quench your thirst for knowledge. Strive to be a lifetime learner.
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With The Flow

fast-riverI believe. I trust. I let go. Those three statements are written on a Post-It note that I have taped up in my wardrobe closet so I can see them everyday I as I get dressed.

 I believe that we have to set clear intentions of what we would like. What does success look like to you? Live life on your idea of what success means for you.

 I trust that the Universe will provide us not only with what we want but what we need to grow and flourish in life.

 And lastly, I let go of how I think everything “should” go. Set your goals, but stay open to the possibilities that life is offering up. Let life flow.

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